Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chapter 25. Term Limits Au Naturel Part 2: Collecting the Data

Continuing from Chapter 22, this blog calls for a voter led action against any incumbent United States Senator who has completed three or more terms as a Senator or Representative.  Here is a list of the current Senators who qualify to be ousted.

The concept is simple:
  1. Collect the information you need to take informed action
  2. Do not elect any Senator to serve more than three terms at the national level
  3. Vote your conscience, so do not pull the lever for any candidate that doesn't meet your moral criteria (i.e. devout Catholics should never vote pro-choice)
  4. If all else fails, write in a candidate if necessary

For many, this action will be difficult.  But it is necessary to unravel the knot of corruption in our elected officials.

Quotient out.

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