Friday, October 23, 2009

Chapter 1. Welfare, Illegitimacy & Abortion: the New Slavery

Human slavery in the United States was an affront to the dignity afforded to each person by our Creator.  Then came the War Between the States to settle the matter. Then came the carpetbaggers.  Then came the Great Society.

According to a 1965 report by the Department of Labor, Black out-of-wedlock births were at about 16% in 1940, and in 1963 were up to 23%.  That was during Jim Crow, when states systematically instituted racist laws.  One concise and direct statement in the DOL report, among many, reads, "By contrast, the family structure of lower class Negroes is highly unstable, and in many urban centers is approaching complete breakdown."

The Black community had divided into a somewhat healthy middle class and a damaged, debilitated lower class in which the family was disintegrating rapidly.  That was bad enough.

But, by 2005 the Black illegitimacy rate had risen to nearly 70%!  How and why could this be?  (page 12, paragraph 2)

In the four decades since the government began "helping" folks via a network of far-flung and expensive programs, the Black family unit has suffered apparently mortal wounds.  Under the laughable guise of equality and empowerment, politicians and societal leaders have dismantled the Black family, and given Black men the out they need to abandon their women and leave their children to the uneven surrogate fatherhood of the State. 

It's not only the oft-repeated phrase that Welfare pays women to have more babies; a new servitude has been instituted whereby Black women face the daunting prospect of raising children alone.  The children are then born into the grim reality of life without a male role model, which is demonstrably hurtful to both boys and girls of any race.  The men are reduced to caricatures of unthinking beasts, without temperance or judgment, and nearly most importantly without jobs. 

Finally, in their desperate search at some sort of dignity and acceptance, these women grasp the most ironic and evil outlet of all:  abortion.  In what other way can the majority of Black women continue to function in the State-sponsored expectation of single-mom households, but to continually service their soon-absent lovers until the only "choice" is to waddle off to the abortion clinic so that the cycle can begin all over again?

And why would any leader be part of this human gristmill?  Power.  Once an entire segment of society has had its economic freedom stripped away, and is completely beholden to the State for (literally) its food, those folks will have no other viable option but to succumb to whatever the State and its leaders beckon them to do.  In America, this means votes.

Two more points.  Obviously out-of-wedlock births are not restricted to only the Black population of America; in fact white illegitimacy has gone from 3% in 1963 to 26% in 2005.  Nevertheless, although the deleterious effects on children and families is similar and independent of race, the sheer numerical weight of having 7 of 10 Black children born out of wedlock is a devastating "force multiplier" that creates large and concentrated pockets of despair.  And finally, yes we live in a free country; yes, these women are choosing to have relations out of wedlock; and yes they could (and some do!) pull themselves up and persevere. 

Still, should our government and our society continue to support such a humiliating and dehumanizing way of life, for any American?

There will be more on this topic.

Quotient out.

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